Welcome to AMTUSA

Our vision is To provide quality products and services that combine performance with value pricing to create self-sufficient clients.

AMTUSA is a specialized group of automation system equipment and integration services. Motivated by the needs of our customers, we quickly shifted our resources and focus to providing custom automation systems.

Over the years, we have continuously expanded our capabilities and expertise to solve complex automation challenges in a variety of industries.

Our deep understanding of the development process and experience helps you to mitigate risk when building custom automation systems. An understanding of your business, objectives, and values allows us to add extra value by suggesting the right solution proactively. AMTUSA will apply its technical knowledge, broad expertise, project management systems, honesty, and integrity to deliver successful custom automation systems.

At AMTUSA, it is understood that time-to-market and strict confidentiality is imperative to our clients’ success. The value of clear communication is quantifiable, so we work hard to communicate often and document design objectives clearly.

We are committed to providing the energy, creative thought, attention to detail, and craftsmanship required to create an automation system we are proud to put our name on, and that fulfills the customers expectations.

Our History

-2012, 05: Clutch and Shaft automation at Hyundai Mobis in China.
-2011, 02: Oil Pump Housing automation system in Myunghwa.
-2010, 10: Clutch retainer gantry automation system in Kia Motor.
-2010, 05: Diff Drive and Idle gear Automation in Hyundai Motor in Czech.
-2009, 11: Al wheel automation system in Sungwoo Automotive inChina.
-2008, 05: Developed 5axis Foam Router M/C and completed the project.
-2008, 03: Developed 5axis Propeller Milling M/C and completed the project
-2007, 05: 6 speed auto T/M for Hyundai Powertech.
-2007, 02: Transmission automation for Hyundai Motor in Czech.
-2006, 03: Theta Cylinder Head automation project for KIA Motor.
-2006, 01: 5axis Composited Routing M/C for Korea Aerospace Industries
-2003, 09: KIA Motor Transmission Parts automation project.
-2003, 07: Hyundai Powertech Transmission (HT-GEAR)automation project.
-2002, 12: Hyundai Powertech Transmission (FR-GEAR) automation project.
-2002, 04: Developed FASS SYSTEM for Korea Aerospace Industries
-2000, 02: Founded AMT in Korea and started business with Hyundai Motor.

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Tel : 847-378-8136