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Weight Management

Weight Loss Programs offer weight loss with improved health.

At Eastern Currents Acupuncture & Herb P.C., we understand that low calorie and fad diets don’t work. We understand that sustainable weight loss requires not only “cleaning up” the diet and committing to a regular exercise program, but working on underlying metabolic and hormonal problems that, for many, create a roadblock toward taking off unwanted pounds and inches.
Start a healthy weight loss program customized just for you. We have proven strategies that work!



  • Comprehensive metabolic assessment identifying the factors that contribute to weight gain
  • Complete screening for thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone, and blood sugar imbalances that lead to weight loss difficulties
  • Nutritional Assessment isolating nutrient and dietary factors and pointing to the best strategy for getting the weight off and keeping it off
  • Identification of obstacles that might get in your way during the program


  • Nutritional cleansing and detoxification
  • Exercise counseling
  • Supplemental treatments
  • Treatment of underlying metabolic problems
  • Determining the foods that optimize metabolism


  • The average weight loss from the 11-day starter program is 7-10 pounds. In our 30-day program, the average weight loss is 20 pounds.
  • Most of our patients report not only excellent weight loss, but improvement of many underlying health problems.
  • You can expect results from our programs that are safe, sustainable, and best of all, easy and effective.

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Detoxification Programs

DetoxAlso called the NADA Protocol, in this gentle, effective, drug-free treatment, acupuncture needles are inserted into five places on the outer surface of both ears: the autonomic point, which calms the nervous system and helps with overall relaxation; the shen men or “spirit gate,” which reduces anxiety and nervousness; the kidney point, for calming fears and healing internal organs; the liver point for detoxification, blood purification, and to quell aggression; and the lung point, which promotes aeration and helps clients let go of grief and pain.

Among the benefits reported are reduction in craving, anxiety, relapse, and withdrawal symptoms; improved sleep; and reduced need for pharmaceuticals. Where possible, additional support in the form of therapy, support groups, family or spiritual networks are recommended when working through serious addictions.

During the acupuncture session, we will skillfully place hair-thin needles at different trigger points intended to restore your body’s natural energy flow.

The Reset detox program employs an herbal juice — with no synthesized chemicals or artificial substances — designed to cleanse the body of toxins for a more toned appearance.

Achieving overall wellness can feel like a long journey with seemingly no end in sight. However, this clinic and its board-certified doctor and licensed acupuncturist could help stop the tolls of day-to-day life:

  • Cigarette addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Overeating
  • Anxiety

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Acupuncture to Help You Quit Smoking

DetoxMost experts agree that quitting smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your health. More than 25 diseases are associated with tobacco use, including cancer of the lungs, bladder, mouth, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, uterus and cervix. Smoking also raises the chances of developing emphysema and increases the risk of having a stroke by 30 percent.
There is plenty of incentive to quit, but it isn’t necessarily easy. The good news is that acupuncture has helped millions of people to kick the smoking habit.

How Acupuncture Can Help

Some of the largest stumbling blocks to becoming smoke-free are the stress, anxiety and depression associated with quitting. Fortunately, acupuncture treatment is quite successful at calming and relaxing the mind, reducing anxiety and alleviating depressive feelings. Specific acupoints in the ear and wrist are used to accomplish this. Additional acupoints may be included that help suppress your appetite, stimulate repair and healing of organ systems, and reduce food and nicotine cravings.

More Than Just Kicking The Habit

Using acupuncture to quit smoking yields enormous benefits. Aside from taking care of the stumbling blocks that can cause you to resume the habit, acupuncture can help restore your body to a healthy state of balance and well-being. If you are ready to become smoke-free, acupuncture can provide you with the support you need.

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