Extending the robot’s working range with excellent accuracy, fully integrated with the robot’s control system.

gantryAMTUSA is an automation systems manufacturer who designs and builds equipment for loading / unloading and storing of raw and finished components for manufacturing. Automation increases the efficiency and productivity of machine tools. The installation is indepentent of the machine tools and allows accessability to the machinery at all times.

  • A universal stand alone etc. w/ A stand alone design allows for any number of machine tools.
  • Quick interfacing due to stand alone design.
  • User friendly – easy to program and operate.


The use of high capacity palletizers or stackers allow for unsupervised loading and unloading of lathes or other machines. Allows a large number of machine tools to be run with one operator.

  • User friendly Hand Held Pendant Control.
  • Able to connect equipment to a LAN network, even over a telephone line.
  • Remote diagnostics and/or software updates from a remote location.
  • Proprietary AMTUSA software for acquiring, printing, editing and loading machine programs.


Program changes and re-tooling are fast and easy which is ideal for low production runs


The automation systems structural design guarantees exceptional rigidity. Maximum machining quality is maintained due to the fact that the system and the machine tools are indepenent of each other, which eliminates the transfer of vibration.

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