Flexible systems based on a standard platform to solve a wide range of handling tasks and with multi-industry applications.

gantryAMTUSA are experts in robotics by using vision systems. AMTUSA robotic handling systems will provide automation for your production needs, where small batch runs or sensitive, difficult components are normally costly to automate. All systems have a robotic arm for handling and manipulating the product. The goals are always based upon the customers needs. AMTUSA systems offer low cost, high mechanical reliability, versatility, and short cycle times with a wide variety of components available. An installed system is easy to operate and allows for a short set up time between jobs. AMTUSA system philosophy is to deliver a system that is “Future Proof”

  • Very user friendly system. Easy to program new or modified parts and needing very little operator training.
  • ‘Plug and play’ design for easy integration with a wide range of production equipment.
  • Fast and simple changeover for an almost limitless range of product variants. Flexible enough to justify automation even for small batch runs.

Case studies

  • High Production Applications


    High Production Applications

    AMTUSA has provided customers with automation of their existing machine tools, adding a robot and subsiderary equipment, and completely automate a system that was manually operated. This allowed for hundreds of parts per hour without a fatigue factor involved.
  • Aluminum Foundry Applications


    Aluminum Foundry Applications

    AMTUSA has experience with automation for die cast foundry products. Robotic pouring of the liquid aluminum and gantry removal of the part from the machine. Also robotic pouring of aluminum into two gravity fed die casting machines.

  • Deburring robot system


    Deburring Robot System

    AMTUSA has part deburring solutions. Loading, deburring, unloading parts in an automated system, including inspection, is available with various size production required, or a family of parts.

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